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Dynamic Visibility Analyses

Analyzing visibility within a geographical area is often key for a better understanding of the environment. Line-of-sight coverage analyses are often applied to highly dynamic objects with varied characteristics, such as a set of sweeping security cameras in an urban environment, a soldier with a pair of binoculars, or radar systems and other sensors. This guide will help you configure the visibility operators in Carmenta Engine to tackle your specific use cases and handle dynamic application data.

For an introduction on the different visibility analyses available, you can read the Visibility Analysis article in the Carmenta Engine SDK documentation. For this guide, we will use the LineOfSightOperator in a 2D view to get an easy example, but keep in mind that the behavior of the other visibility operators is the same. There are some additional data inputs that will need configuring, and the results you get are different, but the core concepts of dynamic visibility analysis are the ones presented in the following sections.